Hello! I’m Stephanie and I have created this blog to document my sudden desire for travel.

I have always been very ambitious with regard to my work life but I have never contemplated long term travel.

Before now!

I always thought that I would live to work and my desire for a good job has taken up much of my time in my life so far. Sadly due to NHS cuts I have not progressed as much as I would have liked in my career. I have an amazing social life, many hobbies and scores of friends,

But I lack real passion in my life.

Life is far too short and whilst I’m here I need to make the most of it. There is much more to life than work and so much more to life than staying in the same city, town or country seeing just one side of life. I want to see the world, experience new cultures and different ways of life. Broaden my horizons and embrace difference.

One of my favourite quotes is-

β€œThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

I want to read a novel, not just one page!
I hope that by challenging myself personally as much as possible and seeing as much of the world as possible I can see where I fit in relation to the grand scheme of things.
The day that I realised that I wanted to travel I also changed my perspective on many things. Theres no point getting upset or stressed as it would only affect and upset myself. Theres no point wanting to climb the social ladder because experiences are worth more than any material possessions. I opened my eyes to a life that held a lot more than the usual 9-5. I realised that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Travel, especially solo travel had always seemed such a scary concept.

Who would look after me? What if I got lost? What if I didn’t like it? The day I decided to travel I realised that I needed to trust in myself and my abilities. I lost most of the fear that I felt towards solo travel and it actually started to excite me.

So I decided to spend a year of my life travelling the world!

I started reading travel blogs and travel books for ideas. I realised that I would not be the first woman to travel the world on my own and I certainly would not be the last. I found that the world is not a scary place, it’s deliciously different and I feel a longing to experience all that it has to offer!

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog. I will include photos and articles detailing my experiences before the big trip and during my year of travel.


I hope to inspire others to do the same and change their life for the better!

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