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Planning a round the world trip is not easy. In effect I’m leaving behind all that I have worked hard for all these years for the unknown. So many people have said to me ‘if it’s so stressful just don’t go’.
but I need to go!

Luckily there are books out there that go through the logistics of planning a career break, I especially found the ones by lonely planet helpful. I remember sitting in the garden last summer devouring every word in these travel books. It was a glimpse in to an unknown world, a world of mystery and independence. A world where anything was possible and I could follow my dreams.

it was all I could think about

This excitement phase lasted a good couple of months. Then when the enormous reality of planning for such a trip became apparant, I became scared and overwhelmed

Visas, passports, vaccinations, malaria tablets, shoes, clothes, sunscreen, travel insurance… The list of things I needed to get got longer and longer by the day.

I am also having to give up my lovely flat in Liverpool, somewhere I feel happy and safe. Give up the security of a job for a year. Not to mention the stress involved trying to cancel contracts and sort out bills! Sometimes it seems that no one has ever left the country for more than two weeks before!

But they have, many many more before me

It’s now 25 days before I leave. Less than 4 weeks! Luckily I have most things sorted but I still feel a little overwhelmed at the enormity of what I am about to do. I know that even though it’s scary I will love it and come back a better person. I’m so lucky to be able to take a year off from the rat race to do exactly what I want to do.

Even though it’s scary, I will do it and I will do it on my own


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3 thoughts on “Organising a round the world trip is stressful!

  1. So true it is stressful but definitely worth it. I’m not ready to move on yet, but I am definitely thinking of my next BIG trip in a few years time, going to save up some money first!

    1. Thank you! I actually went on the trip a few years ago. Ehilst on the road I did minimal planning and it actually worked out for the best.

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