I have never really had wanderlust until recently. I have always been fairly independant and I loved going abroad but I preferred to go on holiday with other people.  I felt that it was unsafe to travel alone, I was also scared that I would end up making misakes, missing buses ect and that I would be bored and lonely.
How wrong was I!

It was  late June  when I read a blog post (www.baconismagic.com) about a place in Spain where you can help Spaniards learn English through a language immersion programme. It sounded like the perfect holiday for a solo traveller and an interesting way to help get experience for any TEFL jobs that I wish to apply for in the future!

So I applied and was nearly immediately accepted (They must have thought that I have had quite an interesting life beasuse I listed all of my 1043 hobbies…) Initially I was over the moon but after taking some time to digest the thought I felt very nervous. I thought ‘what if I don’t like the place’, ‘what if I don’t like the people’. I then booked my flights to Madrid and decided to spend some days exploring Madrid after the weeks course. Even if I was alone Madrid seemed like the perfect place to explore with its amazing bars, museums, art galleries and parks!

A few days before the trip I decided to take just hand luggage. People who know me will know that I do not tend to travel light so it took quite a lot of work deciding on my capsule wardrobe for 2 weeks in Spain! I was unable to take any of my beloved vintage clothes too in case my shampoo exploded in my case son the day there.

But here I was, at Liverpool airport ready to board the plane. I had booked and arranged everything myself and I felt terribly proud. I had booked a hostel for the first night in Madrid and even decided to navigate the metro rather than take the easy option of a taxi from the airport! I felt so independant and free as I stepped on the plane.
I was doing it! I was going on holiday alone!

Goodbye Liverpool!

Madrid here I come!!

Seats with the most legroom on the flight! Nearly missing your flight does have it’s advantages!
When was your first solo travel experience? Were you scared or did you relish the feeling of the unknown?

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