Destinations for my RTW trip 2013

For my Sabbatical I  travelled to ten very different countries. Countries where I  absorbed the local language and culture and saw a completely different side of life.

These are the countries that I visited during that trip, in the order that I visited them in. I travelled the continents mostly overland, via overnight sleeper trains and buses, local buses and trains.

If you have any questions about my trip please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Sri Lanka







Thailand second time

Malaysia second time

Singapore second time

Australia (East coast)

New Zealand (Both North and South islands)

Dubai second time


At the Grand palace

One thought on “Destinations for my RTW trip 2013”

  1. great list of destinations! hope you have a great time!!! I have never been to any of those places, but most of them are on my list! I look forward to reading your posts about each!

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    Thanks!!! 🙂

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