Architecture in Dubai: Bigger is better!

khalifa model, Dubai

As you may have seen from my previous posts, Dubai has some of the worlds most breathtaking buildings. The Burj al Arab was not only the worlds first ‘seven star hotel’ but the worlds tallest hotel.  The almighty Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world! The impressive Palm can actually be seen from outer space! How crazy is that!


Burj Al Arab



Burj Khalifa




During my stay in Dubai I went to the interesting ‘Dubai museum’, housed in one of the oldest buildings in the whole of Dubai. There I learn’t all about the ancient ways of Dubai and how Dubai completely changed when they discovered oil in the Emirates in 1966. In 2003 there was the great property boom when Dubai started building extensively, making it un-recognisable to its previous Arabian desert state.




Dubai museum, one of the oldest buildings in Dubai

When I was in Dubai I stayed in the older part of town: Bar Dubai which houses some of the older architecture in the city. When I travelled on the metro to the centre of Dubai it was quite surreal looking at all of the massive buildings. It felt like I was an extra in a sci-fi film! I found myself wondering ‘what is in all of these massive buildings’.



Beautifully modern.

What do you think of Dubai’s architecture? Man made wonder or architectural manifestations of mans competitive nature?