Remember remember the fifth of November…

fireworks, red, November

In England the 5th of November is known as ‘bonfire night’ or ‘Guy Fawkes night’. It’s is a celebration of the fact that Guy Fawkes, a member of the gunpowder plot was arrested whilst guarding explosives that were placed beneath the House of Lords. It celebrates the fact that king James the 1st survived this. In 1605 people lit bonfires around London and England carries on this tradition to this day. Although now we manly set off fireworks to remind us of this historical event

I love bonfire night, I have many happy memories of celebrating it at home in my parents garden. We would buy boxes of fireworks and rockets and have our own mini display whilst eating autumnal comfort food such as scouse and loaded potato skins!

This year I decided to go to a local fireworks display with my friend Brandi held at Sephton park in Liverpool. After a long walk from the train station we made it to the park and watched the 20 minute display and accompanying
Music. It’s one of my favourite British celebrations, I think it’s a very English
thing to celebrate!

Vintage fashion and Fireworks!
My friend said that I looked like a Russian Princess!
Brandi; an American celebrating a very English holiday!
Have you ever celebrated Guy Fawkes night in the UK? What did you think of the Fireworks?