The moment you realise that travel has changed you forever


Tonight I realised just how much long term travel has changed me.
I was in the fitness boxing class at my gym, I asked a girl who was a similar height to me if she wanted to be my partner. She said yes then asked me in a really condescending manner if I had done boxing before. I replied that I had in this fitness class. She then said that she was a kickboxer and may hit too hard, I simply said ‘just don’t hit as hard then’…
As soon as we started the class I could sense the animosity between us. She barely looked at me and angrily brushed past me. I decided to carry on with the boxing class though thinking that this may just be her personality. I’ve been told myself that I take a while to ‘warm up’ to new people.

Then the boxing started, It’s only a fitness boxing at a local gym for fun and it’s not competative in the slightest. I was first to hit her pads, instead of recieving the impact (I was only hitting it lightly) she was pushing the pad back at me with double the force that I was giving. It was hurting my hands.

Then it was her turn to hit my pads, she was hitting them with full force and I could actually feel the stitches on the pads straining. She then told me off and told me to match the force and called the instructor over saying that she wanted to pad with him!

I’m moderatly fit at the moment so I can’t think why she felt such animosity towards me. Did she think that I was fat or unfit because of my appearance? Either way she was on an ego trip with very negative vibes that I did not want to be part of.

I politely said ‘maybe it’s best if I go and you pair with the instructor’. I just couldn’t handle her negative vibes anymore. The instructor tried to convince me to stay but I just calmly grabbed my things and walked out.

When I was in the gym downstairs I saw a girl who walked out of the class at the start because it was too physical. She didn’t seem so enthusiastic on the exercise bike so I plucked up the courage to ask her if she wanted a little boxing session because I had my own pads and gloves.

What could have been a very negative experience turned in to a very postive experience, I taught her what I knew of boxing and we had fun practicing different punches with each other. I found out that she was originally from Sri Lanka so I talked a bit about my time there and she read my numbers and said I was very chatty because I was a nine!

Pre travel Steph would have stuck out the boxing class even though it was making her miserable. Even if she did pluck up the courage to leave she would be feeling angry and frustrated, not calm like I felt. She would have certainly never have asked a stranger to box with her!

It just goes to show you that the effects of travel are evident in everyday, mundane life. Travel has taught me so much and to have much more respect for myself and others. To care less about what people think of me.

Travel really is the only thing you can buy which makes you richer.

Having fun with my French friends!
Having fun with my French friends!


Do you think travel has changed you? If so do you have any examples?