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So far I have felt amazing on this trip, to be honest it’s felt like one big holiday!

I was origionally apprehensive about Dubai but I ended up falling in love with it’s exotic similarity. I was also nervous about my trip to Sri Lanka; a place that is not really established on the backpacker trail but I feel that throwing myself in to the deep end has done me the world of good.

I’m currently in Kandy, a mountainous region in the centr of Sri Lanka. The climate here is a little cooler and the architecture of the town is very colonial.

This has made me think about England. I feel homesick.

I actually feel a bit guilty about being homesick. I am having the time of my life and am blessed with different experiences everyday. I actually had one of the most exciting days of my life yesterday (I will tell you all about it really soon or check out my Facebook page for more info!).

I love travel but I’m feeling nostalgic about England.

Life is so much easier in England, i’ts very different here and very hectic. I miss my family, the time difference makes it really hard to skype and keep in touch. I’m also craving a proper sandwich. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

So today I’m having a rest day. I’m not going to go sight seeing just chill at and near the hostel and think about my travels.



I have set myself 3 mini challenges. I actually completed one today- to eat rice and curry with my hands! (It’s surprisingly easy and it feels quite naughty!). The other 2 are; buy a fruit that I do not recognise and eat it and try meditation for an hour. I hope to try these later today.

How do my fellow travellers feel about homesickness? Do you have any tips on what to do if it hits me again?



13 thoughts on “It’s day 19 and I’m feeling homesick…

  1. Beautiful post. I actually have never suffered from homesickness, as I don’t particularly like being at home. But I know how it feels to miss your friends and family. I guess the main thing is skype and fb chat. I’m constantly online so that helps.

    1. Thanks George! That means a lot! I do like England but I just remember the reasons why I left. I wouldn’t trade my new life for my old life anyday! I’m always on facebook chat now, makes me feel involved in everyone’s lives!
      See you in Bangkok 🙂

  2. Looks like your having a fab time.
    After a while you wont feel so homesick. If you do feel homesick again just remember that home is always a plane ride away anyway and remember the reason why you left in the first, to travel. You’re living your deam!
    Hope that helps! 🙂

    1. I am having an amazing time Lilian! I tend to feel homesick in places that feel like home; colonial towns. Everyday I have to pinch myself. I feel so lucky to be experiencing all of this…on my own too!

  3. i always suffer from homesickness steph, even when i travel in this country, but once im settled back ‘home’ i always give myself a good talkin to for being daft, yup pine for things familiar, but also be happy your doin something that so many people would also love to be doin . enjoy it steph

    1. Oh yeah I am enjoying it. Sri Lanka was very different though, a bit of a culture shock! I’m in Singapore now which is a lot more Western. I’m going to spend a while here enjoying decent food and the fact that there’s no cows in the road!

    2. Yeah, once I’m home that’s it! Back to reality! I’m getting better at travelling now and taking everything in my stride. I’m enjoying a nomadic lifestyle and feel so lucky to be experiencing Asia!

  4. That top picture is really beautiful.

    I’m more expat than traveller (although I do both), but I think what you did – stopping and resting, is a great way to deal with it.

    1. Hi Violet, yeah resting was just what I needed. I need to remember to give myself to recover and recollect my feelings. I’m doing so any amazing things and it can be a little overwhelming!

    2. Thanks Violet! I think stopping and resting was a brillient idea. I have 11 months so there’s no need to rush and see everything at once. Travelling is actually quite tiring, I love it though!

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