If you follow me on my Facebook page you will know that I will be heading to Egypt next week!

I’ve only recently come back from Krakow, a place where I spent a very reflective 6 days drinking Polish beer and vodka and learning about the very dark history of Krakow from Medieval times through to World War two.

Now it’s time to travel to my fourth continent and experience a very different side to travel. For the past three years I have travelled on a serious budget, even sleeping in $1.50 a night dorms in Cambodia and taking 10cent train rides through rural Sri Lanka.

Now it’s time to experience all inclusive travel!

I will be staying in Sharm El Sheikh which is located on the tip of the Sinai peninsular lining the beautiful Red sea. I’m excited to spend two weeks basking in the warm sun and using the PADI I gained in Thailand by scuba diving in the Red sea. I want to see Nemo or maybe even a (friendly!) shark.

Recreate my ‘endless summer’ of 2013!

I’m also excited to have my towels transformed in to beautiful statues on my bed each day, sad I know.

Although Sharm may not be classed as ‘real Egypt’ because it doesn’t have magnificent cultural icons like Cairo, I’m looking forward to just soaking up the atmosphere in the souks and observing daily life in Egypt!

File:Red sea-reef 3990.jpg

Have you every travelled to Egypt or Sharm El Sheikh? If so what did you think of it? Have you ever travelled on an all inclusive holiday?

5 thoughts on “I’m heading to Egypt!

  1. All inclusive doesn’t appeal to me at all BUT I totally understand that sometimes I see deals and am surprised that it doesn’t actually cost that much extra, so might be worth it to some. Red Sea diving is fabulous, you will love it. I got stung by about a trillion jellyfish, but nothing bad, all worth it. It’s so beautiful down there!

    1. Normally I wouldn’t book an all inclusive holiday but I am going with my family this time, when I’m alone I’m much more adventurous 😉

      I can’t wait to dive in the Red Sea! I got my PADI in Thailand so it will be good to use it and maybe even get the advanced PADI if they offer it 🙂

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