Dubai Marina and it’s beautiful architecture


Before I came to Dubai I heard that it was obsessed with being the ‘biggest and best’ in the world. Dubai Marina sealed this view for me!

Having bought a day ticket for the metro I was determined to make the most of my short time there in Dubai!

I boarded the cool, clean air conditioned metro and first went to Dubai mall. Bored of seeing  scores of shops containing things that I didn’t want to buy I needed to get outside; that’s harder than you think in Dubai!

I took the metro to Dubai Marina because it sounded like a place that was outside. I was not disappointed.

As soon as I stepped outside I felt tiny. All around me were massive skyscrapers, each one individual and gleaming.

An urban Utopia!

mar1mar2mar3Dubai marina



I was mesmerised by one sky scraper in particular, the tallest in the horizon that twisted seductively towards the sky.

I walked closer to find a marina with yachts. It looked very cosmopolitan. Families and couples sat at the various bars and cafes drinking coffee and smoking Shisha.




At the waterside were various stalls selling clothes and accessories and children played in a fountain, watched carefully by women in Abayas peeking trough their burkas.

Somehow I even managed to make it in to the mooring area for the yachts! So many yachts of all different shapes and sizes. Dubai really is a place of ostentatious wealth. I then thought…



I then received a text message. Little did I know that I would be having my very own ‘Sex and the city’ moment very soon….

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  1. Is this the friend you said you had out there? The pictures are beautiful Stephanie. You are very photogenic 🙂 xxxxxx

    1. That’s the reason why I wanted to visit Dubai, it’s a man made metropolis! I have no idea whats actually inside most of the buildings! There’s so much to do in Dubai. So much more that I wanted to do!

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