I hope that you have all had an amazing Christmas 2012 and I wish you all the best for 2013. May your year be full of travel and exciting experiences!

This was the last Christmas that I will be spending at home before my sabbatical. Hopefully next Christmas will be spent on Bondi beach or watching glow worms on the South Island of New Zealand.

I had a lovely time with my family but it made me realise that although I love my family, friends and living in Liverpool I need something more in my life. Excitement and new experiences. Going home for Christmas I noticed how many people that I knew from school and when I was younger were in the same place as they were last year and the year before that. This may be happiness and contentment for most people but it’s not for me. I have never been as happy as I was on my two trips abroad this year.

I have never felt so alive and I have never felt so ‘myself’.

2012 was a big year in my life, the year that I decided not to settle for second best in my life and the year when I discovered what makes me truly happy.

May 2013 be the year where I put the thoughts and ideas of 2012 in to action. Where my life changes immeasurably and where I feel unadulterated happiness when I wake up each morning, rather than dreading yet another ‘ground hog day’.

2013 will be the best year of my life!

My sister and I on Christmas day
Enjoying a Baileys on Christmas eve
Plaza Mayor in Spain, best enjoyed with an ice cold cana
Having fun with friends at a club in Munich

Dark beer and a stein in Munich

Amazing friends that I met in Spain
How was your Christmas and New Year? Did you make any new years resolutions to travel more or follow your dreams?

8 thoughts on “2013 is here, and It will be the best year of my life!

  1. Sounds like you plans are coming together. Congrats! You are going to love south east Asia. Thailand is amazing.

  2. It seems like I have been planning it for ages now. I’m especially excited about Sri Lanka and Thailand! I can’t wait to experience Thai culture and the backpacker scene and Sri Lanka seems quite mysterious and different to me!

    1. I see dusit dubai in the distance!Which is mkanig me delurk the first time. A fellow dubai wali…I enjoy your blog so much. Where do you live? I used to live in springs untill last year and ur garden brings back memories of mine too. I had lovingly tended to it for 2 yrs…but now we have given our/that house on rent and live in a small aptt ourselves on rent!So not much scope for gardening which I really miss. Nevertheless, your pics are so pretty and also, dont you agree that dubai has some of the best home decor stores in the world??I love it here.Lovely blog, will comment more often….cheersharshikadubai

  3. Congratulations about the webpage, I wish the best for this upcoming year, plenty full of amazing challenges that will change your life, I am completely sure of it. Enjoy! And remember you deserve this experience.
    Best regards of you flatmate

    1. Thanks Gustavo, I’m glad you like it! Do you like the articles about Spain? It’s so crazy that I met you on the plane home from Spain when you were moving to Liverpool! I will miss having you as my flatmate!

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